National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development

We are an independent consultative body whose mission is to provide the participation of social, cultural and economic forces in the search for a broad consensus on environmental and sustainable development policies. CNADS collaborates in the coordination of the ODSlocal Project, contributes to the establishment of partnerships and cooperates in the collection, sharing and dissemination of relevant information.

  • Filipe Duarte Santos

    President of CNADS

  • João Ferrão

    CNADS Advisor (coordinator of the local SDGs)

  • Sofia CastelBranco da Silveira

    Executive Secretary

  • Liliana Leitão

    Technical Advisory

  • Carla Martins

    Technical Advisory

  • Sara Branco

    Technical Advisory


ICS-ULisboa Observatory

OBSERVA dynamises, systematises and disseminates knowledge about the social and political dimensions that link environment, society and territory. In ODSlocal, it is responsible for the operational and content coordination and co-coordination of the Dynamic Laboratories.

  • Luísa Schmidt

    ICS coordinator

  • João Guerra

    ICS cocoordinator

  • Madalena Santos


  • David Travassos


  • Leonor Prata



Centro de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente

MARE is a scientific, technological and innovation research centre, and acts in this context within the thematic line of Governance and Literacy, assuming the co-coordination of Dynamic Laboratories at a local scale.

  • Lia Vasconcelos

    Associate Professor DCEA - FCT NOVA

  • Filipa Ferreira

    Doctoral Student

  • José Carlos Ferreira

    Associate Professor DCEA - FCT NOVA

  • Francisco Nunes Libreiro

    Research grant holder


Climate Adaptation Services

A technology startup for climate adaptation services. Responsible for the design and development of the ODSlocal portal.

  • David Avelar


  • Pedro Garrett


  • Paulo Vieira

    Information technology

  • Ana Guerreiro

    Technical support

  • Rui Silva

    Information technology

  • Florian Ulm

    Data analyses


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