Advantages of membership

Municipalities subscribing to the advanced version of the ODSlocal Platform have access to the following functionalities and support:


The ODSlocal portal is a technology-based tool with a private area that allows access to several functionalities

municipality team

possibility for an unlimited number of users to access the municipality's private area, being able to insert and manage contents related to the respective municipality (the base version limits access to only 1 user)

Specific indicators

possibility to create an unlimited number of municipality-specific indicators, with information coming for example from their administrative databases (the base version does not give access to this possibility)

Good Practices

possibility to create, analyse and disseminate an unlimited number of municipal good practices (the base version only allows the insertion of information about 5 good practices)


possibility to export all the contents related to the municipality through editable documents such as Excel (database) or Word (synoptic report) (the base version does not give access to this possibility)

Technical support

privileged access to helpdesk, with the possibility of adapting some functionalities to specific requirements of the municipality (the base version does not give access to that possibility)


Possibility of participation in a Capacity Building Programme for Local Sustainability, evolving over time, which integrates two dimensions:

“ODSlocal - Empowering agents for the 2030 Agenda”

Access to the ODSlocal training package, provided in a mostly online synchronous and asynchronous format, organised by modules on the 2030 Agenda, aimed at building capacity for the territorialisation of the SDGs and familiarising with methodologies for the broad involvement of local agents. Each module includes three components: video presentations, exercises and case studies.
Municipalities subscribing to the advanced version of the ODSlocal Platform have access to the full contents of the training package (total of 6 modules) and to follow-up meetings/clarification of doubts (the basic version only gives access to the first two modules). The access to the training package is open to an unlimited number of technicians from the municipality.

Local Sustainability Laboratories

Promotion of Laboratories in the respective municipalities, with local actors and a strong mobilization of young people, ensuring a multigenerational approach, in order to privilege the dialogue on SDGs - Agenda 2030 and the territory, enhancing existing solutions and building networks and partnerships for projects and actions that contribute to local sustainability.

ODSlocal collaborative session

Workshop on pilot municipalities: indicators

Workshop on pilot municipalities: functionalities

Workshop on pilot municipalities: vision


Only municipalities subscribing to the advanced version of the ODSlocal Platform have the possibility to

ODSlocal Seals

be awarded with the ODSlocal Seals, which distinguish the municipalities with the best performance or with the best evolution dynamics

Municipal Joint Good Practices Award

receive the award that distinguishes the municipalities with the best set of municipal good practices

ODSlocal Conference

host the annual Conference, which aims to promote the 2030 Agenda by giving stage to inspiring local sustainability municipalities and projects in Portugal

dedicated communication

benefit from a multi-channel dissemination strategy (newsletter, social networks, events and media)

Voluntary Local Reports (*)

benefit from support for the preparation of these reports, namely with regard to: i) municipal roadmap 2030; ii) mapping of stakeholders; iii) insertion of specific indicators; iv) mapping of good municipal practices
(*) Limited to 5 municipalities per year, selected based on the degree of commitment to the 2030 Agenda evidenced, namely through the completion of the training package “ODSlocal - Empowering agents for the 2030 Agenda” and the uploading of content on the ODSlocal Portal.

Which version is most suitable?

ODSlocal signatory municipalities can choose one of two membership versions with differentiated access to the capacity building programme, outreach and portal features:

Plans Basic Advanced

€0 /year

For the municipality that wants to operate the ODSlocal Platform.

From €2000 /year

Access all the features of the ODSlocal Platform.

Creation of the municipality team 1 user Unlimited users
Indicator management Reference Reference + Specifics
List of Municipal Best Practices up to 5 Unlimited
Project Mapping
Content Export*
Technical support General Customised
ODSlocal training package “Empowering agents for the 2030 Agenda” 2 modules / 1 participant 6 modules / unlimited participants
Promotion of Local Sustainability Laboratories
Municipal ODSlocal Stamp
Municipal award for the Good Practice
ODSlocal annual conference
Multichannel outreach General Dedicated
Voluntary Local Report*
(*) Under development

Other services

In addition to licenses you can also purchase a set of services tailored to your needs.

Customized report

Production of a customized report on the status and evolution of the SDGs in the municipality.


What's included

  • Unlike the Synoptic Report, this one will be produced using a diachronic and synchronic analysis taking into account not only the evolution verified, but also the interactions between areas (SDGs) of sustainability.
  • In word and pdf format.

Capacity Building

Conducting a technical capacity building session on the 2030 Agenda


What's included

  • Accomplishment of a technical capacity building session about the 2030 Agenda, aiming at training responsible and active citizens in the area of sustainability.
  • Travel to the adherent municipality in the continent.

Sustainability Laboratories

Conducting capacity building sessions for local dynamizers.


What's included

  • Organization of capacity building sessions for local dynamizers, aiming at training mobilizing educational agents for the promotion of sustainability at the local level.
  • Travel to the adhering municipality in the mainland.


Allows municipalities' databases to be synchronised with the localSDG portal

€0 a €15000

What's included

  • A - Free / Autonomous / The municipality periodically sends data to the ODSlocal API
  • B - Budget / 2adapt team / The municipality provides an API and ODSlocal implements periodic readings


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