Bela Flor Respira - Agroforestry in Campolide

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Agroforestry is a natural space where forest, fruit and vegetable trees are planted or sown, with a view to making maximum use of space and productivity, with the aim of recovering the forest, reintroducing and maintaining native species. At the same time, it allows water collection for underground aquifers and soil regeneration, in order to counteract erosion and the depletion of natural ecosystems in the urban network. An urban agroforestry allows for many ecological and social functions that bring resilience to the population, such as shade and freshness, biodiversity, food, a place to share and socialise, and education. The project, launched by BipZip/CML in 2018 in Quinta da Bela Flor, focuses on the recovery of a wasteland with the idea of returning abundance and regeneration to the community,through Agroforestry and Syntropic Agriculture techniques. There are weekly meetings on Mondays and Thursdays for the maintenance of the plantations and the co-creation of the space and dynamics. The Agroforestry, managed by the community and the Parish of Campolide, is funded by the project MedTOWN: Co-production of social policies with actors of the social and solidarity economy (ESS) in the fight against poverty, inequality and social exclusion, under the programme ENI CBCMED of the European Union.
Project information
No. of people reached:
100 – 500
Development Status:
In fructification