Grandma's Kitchen

#Mértola #IPSS

This is an intergenerational project of innovation and social entrepreneurship around the promotion of traditional local and Mediterranean food and gastronomy. The aim is to recover local eating habits based on the knowledge and know-how of the senior population, linking them with younger audiences and the latest knowledge on nutrition and food safety.

The project is part of the Mértola Food Strategy, which involves a number of local partners in the quest to create a locally-based food system that will lead to greater gains in terms of public health, food sovereignty and safety, quality of life, local economy and sustainability, bearing in mind the very low-density territorial context and high vulnerability to climate change and desertification.

População em Geral

Crianças, Adultos e Seniores.

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Improve resource efficiency in consumption and production
Project information
No. of people reached:
500 – 5000
Development Status:
In fructification