Growing up to Play

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Crescer a Brincar is a 4-year longitudinal programme developed in Portugal. It is implemented in a classroom context, within the school curriculum and is intended to promote the development of social and emotional skills, psychological adjustment and academic performance, preventing or reducing emotional and behavioural problems in primary school children. The teachers are the main agents of intervention and are invited to work with the class, manuals adapted to each school level, addressing variables that accompany the level of development (Discipline, Self-control; Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioural Differentiation; Self-esteem, Self-concept; Social Skills, Assertiveness; Positive Emotions; Decision-making; Negative Emotions Management). Thanks to the results achieved it is part of the EDDRA Database, as one of the best School Prevention programmes in Europe and in 2019 it won the Sustainable Health Award.
Nº de crianças apoiadas
persons per month

Crianças que frequentam as escolas do 1º ciclo onde o projeto é desenvolvido

Nº de professores apoiados
persons per month

Professores que participam no projeto e que são os principais agentes de intervenção.

Nº de famílias apoiadas
persons per month

Famílias dos alunos que participam no projeto (em contexto escolar).

Project information
Administração local
No. of people reached:
500 – 5000
Development Status:
In fructification