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What is the local SDG?

The mobilisation of municipal decision-makers and technicians, local agents and citizens in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The 2030 Agenda proposed by the United Nations in 2015 was adopted and adapted by the localSDG Platform, so that its goals are suitable to the reality of Portuguese municipalities. 119 out of the 169 targets were considered, of which 25 were adapted and are structured according to Dimensions, Objectives, Themes, Targets and Indicators.


The ODSlocal Platform, based on a comprehensive and intense mobilization of municipal decision-makers and technicians, local agents and citizens in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda, aims to create a national movement for local SDGs that the Municipalities want to join, mobilizing the remaining public and civil society actors in an exponential and contagious way.

Involving as partners CNADS (National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development), OBSERVA (Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon), MARE (New University of Lisbon) and 2adapt, this initiative is based on a dynamic online portal that allows the visualization and monitoring of the contributions and progress of each municipality in relation to the SDGs, with a strict quality control of the information and an intense involvement of actors and respective empowerment, along with a strong investment in a communication strategy.

The ODSlocal platform had a pilot phase of co-creation involving the entities promoting the project and several Portuguese municipalities (Bragança, Cascais, Castelo de Vide, Coruche, Loulé, Seia and Viana do Castelo) in 2018 and 2019. Since 2020 it covers all Portuguese municipalities interested in participating, with the support of La Caixa Foundation.

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The Platform aims to stimulate the creation of a broad "national SDGlocal movement" with multiplier effects, that gives prominence to local actors and their initiatives, and that promotes the creation of a large community of actors committed to the SDGs at various levels:

  • Use of the ODSlocal portal as a tool for monitoring indicators, mapping of practices resulting from the mobilisation of municipal decision-makers and technicians, local agents and citizens for the development of actions on the ground that contribute to the achievement of SDGs in Portuguese municipalities by 2030;
  • Execution of a capacity building plan for the various local sustainability actors, including:
    1. Awareness-raising actions for mayors, technicians and key actors in municipalities;
    2. Methodological and thematic capacity-building actions by regions;
    3. Collaborative sessions for technicians and local key actors, to be held in each of the CIM (Intermunicipal Communities), aimed at building capacity for the SDGs, for active participation in the local SDG Platform, and giving visibility to ongoing local sustainability projects;
    4. Capacity building of a national network of trainers on SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, which will act as multiplier agents in the field;
    5. Promotion of Local Sustainability Laboratories in the respective municipalities, with local actors, ensuring a multigenerational approach, in order to privilege dialogue on the 2030 Agenda and the territory.
  • Carrying out a cycle of events consisting of an annual conference at national level with high media projection and five workshops at regional level;
  • Creation of the ODSlocal award, aimed at encouraging and highlighting
    1. Good practices promoted by municipalities;
    2. Reference projects promoted by local agents;
    3. Awarding the ODSlocal Seal, which distinguishes:
      1. Municipalities with positive dynamic trajectories;
      2. Municipalities with top performances;
    4. Implementation of a communication strategy, aiming at the effectiveness of the intervention and the generation of a national movement that consistently embraces the SDGs at local level and will result in various media such as reports, videos and infographics.


The ODSlocal Platform aims at monitoring the progress of Municipalities in relation to various SDG targets through progress indicators based on information from national national databases and the municipalities themselves. It also aims to map the innovative and sustainable practices that both municipalities and civil society and companies are implementing, and measure their impact.

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